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Naveed Aziz, born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, is a visionary entrepreneur with a rich and diverse background. His educational journey in Architecture and Philosophy from the University of Toronto has provided a solid foundation for his innovative ventures. As the founder of Aviator Inc, Naveed is on a mission to redefine urban mobility through sustainable flight solutions, aiming to alleviate urban congestion while minimizing environmental impact. Beyond aviation, Naveed has ventured into the realms of real estate and digital technology through NZVZED, an initiative designed to bridge the traditional real estate investing with emerging property management software. His strategic and problem-solving abilities, coupled with his dedication to sustainability and technological advancement, drive his ventures forward. Naveed's overarching goal is to make a significant positive impact on the world, aligning his projects with core values of sustainability, technological innovation, and meaningful change. 

My Story


Naveed Aziz, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, is an entrepreneur and visionary artist in the realm of innovation. Educated in Architecture and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, he crafts transformative visions into reality. At Aviator Inc, he envisions a sustainable future of urban mobility, painting the skies with eco-friendly solutions. With NZVZED, he artistically intertwines traditional real estate with digital technology. Naveed's work is a canvas of sustainability, technology, and impactful change, showcasing his commitment to sculpting a better world.



Research & Development of Advanced Technologies to Drive Sustainable Urban Air Mobility. Faster, Efficient & Eco-friendly Transportation 



Pioneering the Future of Property Management.

 Ensuring Transparency, Efficiency, and Sustainability in Every Transaction



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