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Welcome to Aviator Inc.

– The Future of Urban Air Mobility

At Aviator Inc. we're pioneering a new era of urban transportation.

Our avant-garde electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology are designed to spark urban mobility, making daily transit more sustainable, faster and more accessible than ever before.


Join us in the skies as we turn the future of city travel into today's reality.

About Us

Innovation, Sustainability, Safety

Aviator Inc. is at the vanguard of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) revolution.

With a deep commitment to sustainability, technological innovation and safety, we're responsibly developing UAM solutions that are integral to shaping urban landscapes of tomorrow.

We envision a world where air mobility is accessible to everyone, reducing congestion, pollution and travel time in cities worldwide.

Our Mission

Transforming Urban Transit

Our mission is to improve existing urban transportation systems with sustainable and efficient eVTOL technology.

Our Aircraft

Avant-garde eVTOL Design

The advanced features of our eVTOL aircraft is designed with performance, safety and a high quality passenger experience in mind.

From routine vertical take-offs and landings to quiet, emission-free flights, our aircrafts represent the pinnacle of urban air mobility technology.


Committed to a Greener Future

At Aviator Inc. we believe in a sustainable future for urban transportation.

Our eVTOL aircrafts and green vertiports are our commitment to reducing urban congestion and carbon emissions, leading the change towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.


Safety is at the core of everything we do at Aviator Inc.

Our eVTOL aircrafts are engineered with emergency systems and our vertiports are equipped to ensure a safe, reliable travel experience.

Be the reason why

Aviation x Architecture x Renewable Energy Thrive. 



Aviator Inc.

Pioneering Sustainable Urban Air Mobility

Meet The Team


Ece Bolukbasi

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Ece Bolukbasi, Co-founder and dynamic force behind Aviator Inc.

 Leading the company's mission to revolutionize urban mobility with sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. Her academic background in Business Management at the University of Toronto laid the foundation of Aviator Inc. as a pioneer, setting new standards in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry.


Naveed Aziz

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Naveed Aziz, Co-founder and Creative Director at Aviator Inc.

 Embodies the quintessence of innovation and sustainability. He has an educational background in Architecture, Philosophy and Visual Studies at the University of Toronto.  His passion for Aviation led to multiple 3D prototypes which sparked the concept for the company and with the support of his team, works to build aircrafts and vertiports.

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Marwa Boutahar

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Marwa Boutahar, key business advisor and strategist at Aviator Inc.

Bringing a wealth of strategic insight to the company, she is a catalyst for modern solutions. Her background in Business Administration at the University of Toronto guides forward-thinking strategies and a deep market understanding, enabling Aviator Inc. to position itself as a leader in the eVTOL industry, navigating the complexities of urban transportation with a clear and focused approach.

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Green Operations

At Aviator Inc. we are sculpting a future where Architecture and Aviation connect to enable reliable urban air transportation for people and businesses.

Environmental Commitment

At Aviator Inc. we are deeply dedicated to the protection of our planet and the promotion of sustainable solutions in urban air mobility.


Our environmental commitment is reflected in our pioneering development of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts, designed to significantly reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution in urban environments.


Our eVTOL technology represents a leap forward in energy-efficient design, showcasing our dedication to innovation and sustainability.

We integrate renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, into our vertiport operations, aiming to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that contributes positively to the environment.


Our aircrafts are developed with advanced, lightweight materials to enhance their energy efficiency further and reduce the ecological footprint.


Social Commitment

We are committed to enhancing urban mobility and accessibility for all, fostering social inclusion and improving the quality of life in urban environments.


Our eVTOL solutions are designed with safety, comfort and accessibility in mind, ensuring that they serve a diverse range of community needs and demographics.

We invest in community engagement and education to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable urban air mobility and to ensure our innovations are in alignment with community values and needs.


By promoting safer, cleaner and more efficient transportation options, we aim to contribute significantly to the social fabric of the communities we serve.

UAM Solutions

Aviator Inc operates in the Urban Air Mobility sector, which is projected to grow significantly due to increasing urbanization and the need for alternative transportation solutions to reduce ground traffic congestion.

Governance Commitment

Aviator Inc. upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, operating with transparency, integrity and accountability.


We are committed to ethical business practices, regulatory compliance and fostering a culture of honesty and respect within our organization and in our interactions with partners, customers and stakeholders.

Our governance framework ensures that we adhere to strict safety and operational standards, maintain financial integrity and uphold our commitments to stakeholders.


We continuously evaluate and improve our corporate governance practices to ensure they meet evolving standards and reflect our dedication to leadership and responsibility in the green tech innovation sector.

By aligning our business practices with environmental, social and governance factors, Aviator Inc. aims to lead by example in the green tech innovation landscape, fostering a sustainable future for urban air mobility and beyond.




Research & Development of eVTOL Technologies to Drive Sustainable Urban Air Mobility. Faster, Efficient & Eco-friendly Transportation 



Pioneering the Future of Property Management.

 Ensuring Transparency, Efficiency, and Sustainability in Every Transaction



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