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Pioneering the Future of PropTech

"Welcome to NZVZED, where we blend cutting-edge technology with urban real estate to redefine property management, development, and experience. Our mission is to lead the Proptech revolution, making urban spaces smarter, more sustainable, and user-friendly."


About Us


Our Mission

"To transform the real estate industry by integrating state-of-the-art digital technologies, thereby enhancing property management and development's efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability."


Our Vision

"Be a leader in the Proptech sector, setting new standards for innovation and sustainability in real estate."



"At NZVZED, we are committed to digital innovation in real estate, sustainable urban development, and smart city integration. Our client-centric approach ensures that we deliver customized, cutting-edge solutions that redefine urban living."



  • Smart Building Management Systems:

"IoT-enabled solutions to optimize building operations for energy efficiency, comfort, and security."

  • Property Analytics Platform:

"Advanced analytics tools providing insights into market trends, property valuations, and investment opportunities."

  • Sustainability Assessment Tools:

"Evaluating the environmental impact of real estate projects and offering recommendations aligned with global sustainability standards."

  • Digital Transformation Advisory:

"Expert consultancy for digitizing operations and embracing sustainable practices in real estate."


Our Impact

  • Sustainable Urban Development:

"Our commitment to eco-friendly solutions is evident in every project. We believe in creating spaces that enhance efficiency without compromising the planet's health."

  • Innovation at Every Step:

"From concept to execution, we are driven by innovation. Our team of experts is continuously exploring new technologies to stay ahead in the PropTech domain."

  • Collaborative Culture:

"We foster a collaborative work environment, encouraging creativity, experimentation, and the free exchange of ideas, both internally and with our clients and partners."

Contact Us

"Join us on our journey to transform urban living. Get in touch to learn more about our services, partnership opportunities, or to schedule a consultation."

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Research & Development of Advanced Technologies to Drive Sustainable Urban Air Mobility. Faster, Efficient & Eco-friendly Transportation 



Pioneering the Future of Property Management.

 Ensuring Transparency, Efficiency, and Sustainability in Every Transaction



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